Vaccine Registration- Book Slot for 18+, 12+ and senior citizens


Vaccine Registration- Book Slot for 18+, 12+ and senior citizens: As India is already done with one year of its vaccination trip for fighting COVID-19, the county is set to step into a new sphere by carrying out the vaccination campaigns for the teenagers and preventive doses for the healthcare workers and older adult citizens.

The vaccination programs for all adolescents who fall between the ages of 15-18 have already started on January 3. The protective boosters for healthcare workers and senior citizens who have comorbidity began on January 10.

Vaccine Registration

The databases show that more than six crore healthcare and frontline workers and all the senior citizens will be entitled in this period of the vaccination campaigns. The booking process to take the jab has already started from January 1, 2022. All the methods of registering and the appropriate age group for vaccination is mentioned here.

What are the suitable antibodies for children who are 12 to 18 years of age?

The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has agreed to two booster shots for emergency utilization on children to fight against COVID-19. The children who fall under the age bar of 12 to 18 years of age, for them Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin has made the facility of being utilized in an emergency or critical condition.

Vaccine Registration

All this had made it the second most highly consumed vaccine after the ZydusCadila. The three-shot DNA of ZydusCadila dose was allowed to be utilized on adults and kids only who were beyond the age of 12 earlier in August.

Since January 3, only Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin has been administered to the entitled receivers aged 15-18 years. The vaccine used on kids has the same composition as tested on adults.

Vaccine Slot Booking for All Age Groups

Different trials were required to ensure its safety and potency in kids. This medication is safe and effective enough on the initial variant and the root strains. There are supremely high chances of Biological E’s Corbevax and Serum Institute’s Novavax serving the cause of being the third and fourth antibodies in this category, in the forthcoming period.

Vaccine Booster Dose Registration

The third preventative vaccination, which will be administered to healthcare staff, frontline workers, and people aged 60 and up, will be the same as the first and second. As per the details, any blending of vaccines will occur only depending on the outcomes of the in-progress clinical tests.

Initially, it was announced that the best technical consultative authority on COVID-19 vaccination in our country agrees that the extra dose should be of a vaccine based on a program, unlike the first two jabs regulated in the country.

Who all are eligible to receive the booster?

All the 6-7 crore kids who are Indian citizens and fall between 15 to 18 years of age are suitable for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. There are more than three crore workers in healthcare and frontline. The senior citizens are also three crores with comorbidities; they are all entirely qualified for the list of people who can receive their third preventive booster shot.

How to register for Corona Vaccine

All the recipients who want to take in the vaccine can list themselves through the already present in Cowin or make a recent account by utilizing their cell number. The kids can register a place using their guardian’s already made accounts.

The slot booking for the kids has already kick-started from January 1, 2022. The children can utilize the documents provided by the Indian Government like:

  • passports and Aadhar cards
  • Their identity cards can also be used

As per the health administration, children can also book from onsite by the vaccinator easily in registration mode. The two modes to reserve your meetings are online and onsite. At the time of the vaccination, they will be required to bring proof of their arrangement and identity card.

For the adults who fall in the category of senior citizens.

Official Website:

For the preventive shot, the inheritor will have to bring the document of comorbidity to the center of vaccination, along with other certifications. They don’t need to connect anything while registering for the slot. Booking can also be made through both the online and onsite modes.


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