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Get to know the Rishi Singh Biography, Age, Indian Idol Winner, Education, and Family details.

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Rishi Singh Biography

Everyone is trying so hard to achieve specific goals of their life. Most times, the finances are not enough or the family does not support an individual’s aspirations. Still, many of them prove that success can be achieved despite all the challenges of life.

Rishi Singh Biography

The same is the story of a young man, Rishi Singh. He is from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Willing to become a singer, Rishi had recently won the title of Indian Idol. Let us know more about Rishi Singh Biography from this article.

Rishi Singh Biography Age

Rishi Singh is 5 and 7 inches tall which contributes to his attractive personality. His weight is average and is good-looking. It is believed by his fans that he can also debut in the Cinema with his consistent efforts in his career.

Rishi was born in the year 2023. His current age is 20 years as of 2023. India has a bunch of talented individuals, the only thing which stops them is the opportunity. If we talk about Rishi then he tried so hard to fulfil his aspirations. Finally, he got the title of Indian Idol Winner which will be of great use in future.

Rishi as Indian Idol Winner

Besides, Poetry and Travelling, Rishi Singh have a huge interest in Singing. He used to sing as a playback singer before he gave the audition for Indian Idol 13. With his mesmerising voice, he kept on moving forward in the 13th Season of Indian Idol.

In 2022, Rishi appeared as a guest on Kapil Sharma Show. He has created some memorable moments with the best Indian comedian, Kapil. He said that he had tried before for Indian Idol but did not reach the goal. But this time, he went will full preparation to win the title. Vishal Dadlani, Himesh Reshammiya, and Neha Kakkar were the judges this time who have carefully chosen Rishi Singh as the winner.

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Rishi Singh Education

Rishi has completed both schooling and Graduation from Ayodhya. Cambrian School was the place where Rishi had completed his foundational course. Later, he took admission in Himgiri Zee University for Graduation. After that, he followed his passion for music. He was struggling to become a good music composer, songwriter and singer.

With the advancements in technology, we have completely forgotten what real music is. People listen to Bollywood or International ones based on their interests. Rishi has made it possible again for the listeners by writing new songs. He will soon be releasing albums according to some of the media news.

Rishi Singh Biography Family

In India, we all believe family is one of the indigenous parts of our lives. We share the important part with our family. It has been in the media reports that Rishi is adopted. His parents Mr Rajendra Singh and Anjali Singh have supported him all over his journey from education to career. There is no information about his siblings.

Rishi Singh Career

Before coming to Indian Idol, Rishi was performing as a playback singer for the original songs. Aaj Bhi (2020), Phir Mohabbat (2020), and Labon Ko (2021) are some of the popular songs in which you can hear Rishi’s voice. His voice is brilliant that it has made popular celebrities such as Virat Kohli his fan. When he came to the Kapil Sharma Show, he gained more fan following. Rishi Singh’s family wanted him to work as an employee in a reputed firm but could not stop him from being a popular singer.

The life of an artist like Rishi is not at all easier. They have to continuously bring it new content to impress the audience. Some people appreciate these individuals but others criticise them without knowing the struggle behind them. Rishi Singh has shown that nothing is tough when you make a point to achieve no matter what. The current Net Worth of Rish is 1 Million. People are actually liking his music, thus, making him one of the best-known singers. In the coming time, the singer will get better contracts for singing as we hope and wish for the same for him!

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