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Ram Setu was released on October 25, 2022 which is liked by people who appreciate history, devotees of Lord Rama, patriotic people, and those who are associated with archaeology.

Ram Setu OTT Release Date

The movie is released in different languages such as Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil for the distinct audiences around the corner. It was streamed in around 240 countries.

Ram Setu OTT Release Date

The film is based on a historic event and involves the culture of India, It is said that the Ram Setu bridge was built by Lors Rama and his Vanar Sena at the time when they have to go to Lanka. Let us know more on Ram Setu OTT Release Date by reading this entire article.

About Ram Setu Movie

Akshay Kumar’s exclusive film is now in cinemas! After the success of Mission Mangal, which was based on scientific facts, Ram Setu is based on archaeological events. Before telling you about Ram Setu OTT Release Date, we would like to throw some light on the movie. Digging back to the history of thousands of years ago, Akshay finds relevant proof to save the Ram Setu bridge, which Lord Rama’s Sena constructed in the movie.

The movie’s production was stopped due to the pandemic condition that has prevailed in the country. Later, the cast and crew were ready to complete the film and managed to release it on 25th October 2022.

Abhishek Sharma’s script is liked by fans and commented on by critics. The film genre is an action-adventure thriller with the Lead Cast; Nushratt Bharuccha, Satya Dev, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Nassar. The fantastic part of the film is that the public is watching Nassar’s superb acting. The way he handles the tough situations in the movie and meets Dr. Aryan is portrayed in a well-manner.

Ram Setu OTT Release Date Storyline

We highlight some parts of the film that will make you curious to watch the entire film on the OTT platform.

Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha (Akshay Kumar) is researching the true story behind the historic bridge in Banaras, India, Ram Setu. He is focused on preserving the essential parts of Indian history which are also associated with people’s beliefs and culture.

You might have heard about this bridge in Hindu Mythology, Ramayana. The army of Lord Rama builds the bridge with Lord’s name on it. The stones swing without any support on the water. This bridge is re-directed to Lanka where Ravana had imprisoned ‘Sita’.

Dr. Aryan began his research by going to Sri Lanka to bring evidence on the existence of Lord Rama in Lanka. Luckily, he gets assistance from a local guide, Satyadev and an environmentalist Dr. Sandra. The role of Sandra is played by the talented Jacqueline Fernandez.

Ram Setu Myth or Reality

Most people do not believe in the story until they get the correct facts. Thus, Dr. Aryan tries to collect as much evidence as he can so that the Archaeological Department of India can believe him and will try to protect the Ram Setu bridge.

According to the local people of the country, they have faith in their God and culture. Thus, they want to save history in every means they can. This is something you will be going to watch in the film, Ram Setu. Ram Setu OTT Release Date is not yet announced officially by the filmmakers. The viewers will have to wait for some time to check it.

OTT Right and Platform

The audience seemed to be quite excited about watching Akshay Kumar’s fifth movie of the year, Ram Setu, on the OTT platform. Since the makers have not announced the Ram Setu OTT Release Date, let’s talk on the OTT platform till then.

Amazon Prime Video is the OTT Platform on which movie is available for viewers. The film is expected to be released after the 10th of December 2022 for the watchers worldwide. Amazon Prime Video has already taken the OTT Rights for the film when it was yet to be released in the cinemas.

For this, viewers will have to purchase a subscription of Rs 199. There are several packages according to your choices that you can check on the platform.

Ram Setu Running Time

It is not the first time that Abhishek is making such a different concept-based film. Earlier, he has made Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran which was a hit on big screen as well on “Budddhu Baksa” (Television).

143 minutes running time for Ram Setu. If you are a find of archaeological facts then you will definitely appreciate the movie.

Ram Setu Box Office Collection

Accidentally, Ram Setu clashed with Thank God movie during the Diwali festival which confused the audience about which one to watch first. Thus, the collection is not as significant as expected by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi (Creative Producer) and Abhishek Sharma (Director).

71.87 crores is the overall Box Office Collection that Ram Setu has received to date. Most media partners are reporting that the movie has not made to a hit in the Box Office.


When was Ram Setu Released?

25th October 2022

Who is in the Lead Role of Ram Setu?

Akshay Kumar as Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha

On which OTT Platform can I watch Ram Setu?

Amazon Prime Video

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