Queen of the South Season 6 Release date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes


Get to know the Queen of the South Season 6 Release date, Cast, Trailer, and Episodes from the necessary details that are shared in this article. It has been over 5 years since the web series have taken over the internet with its wonderful crime stories. And now, the viewers are waiting for Queen of the South Season 6. If you are one of those viewers who are excited to know for the upcoming season then read the full article!

Queen of the South Season 6

This is a crime drama series that is so popular on an over-the-top platform, Netflix. People are huge fans of this series because of the curiosity it creates among the people in every new episode.

Queen of the South Season 6

Being a Peruvian-American writer, Lorenzo has developed his writing skills within all these years of his career to achieve significant career goals. He has made several television shows and web series among which Queen of the South is the most popular.

Queen of the South Season 6 Release date

The initial release date was 23rd June 2016. After the 5 incredible seasons of the web series, the spectators are excited to watch the endless drama.

Queen of the South Season 6 Overview 
Name of Web Series Queen of the South
All Seasons so far 5
Total Viewers 1 Million
Type of Web Series Crime, Bloodshed, Violence
Lead Actress Alice Braga
Producer Lorenzo O’Brien
Popular Tracks Escapar, The Turn, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Confession, The Lifestyle

Queen of the South Cast

The web series has included bloodshed, violence, cruelty, smuggling and so much more that has hooked up the audience so far. Alice Braga has given a tremendous performance till now in all the episodes. People are mesmerised by her acting skills and are looking forward to watch here again in the upcoming season.

  • Molly Burnett Alice Braga
  • Machado.
  • Pietro gadiot
  • Veronica Falcon
  • John-Michael Acker
  • David Andrews.
  • Joaquim de Almeida
  • Hemki Madeira
  • Alfonso
  • Herrera
  • Gerado
  • Tarasena
  • Justina
  • Nick Sagar

Season 6 Trailer

There are more than one million views of this American series with over thousands of fans. This number is continuously increasing as the seasons are launching worldwide. The interest area of the series is when Teresa Mendoza kills her boyfriend and becomes the dealer of a giant drug empire! The story has changed the perspective of women from being polite, kind, and noble to a murderer, smuggler, bold and confident.

The viewers might have watched the trailers of the previous seasons which have created a sense of itch to watch the new season’s trailer. The trailer for the new season will be updated soon on the internet by the producers. As of now, there is no news regarding the same.

What is the mystery in the Queen of the South?

Drug smuggling is always happening around in the world but secretively. Mostly males are involved in such criminal activity but Queen of the South has a woman as a drug smuggler. The story of smuggling and crime is featured here. It is based on Pérez-Reverte’s novel which is a fiction web series. The story is of a financially weak woman who has the urge to get the lum sum of money in order to live a luxurious lifestyle. Meanwhile on her journey to become financially stable, she gets involved in the drug mafia and sooner sets her own ‘Drug Empire’.

Another mystery that is coming out is that most people are believing that Queen is married but it is not so. Teresa is still single. Although Guero was closer to her but there is no such episode regarding her marriage to date.

Total Episodes of Queen of the South

The producers are giving back-to-back amazing seasons for the audience. In each of the episodes, the story is casted with perfect shots and scenes. These have grabbed the attention of several viewers worldwide. We have jotted down the list of seasons and episodes in the table below.

Season  Release Year  Episodes 
1 2016 13
2 2017 13
3 2018 13
4 2019 13
5 2021 10
6 Yet to Release Coming Soon

This web series is available to watch on Disney + Hotstar and Netflix. Those who have a subscription can watch it otherwise take a subscription and start to enjoy the crime stories from today!

According to the latest reports from the internet, Queen of the South Season 6 is said to be cancelled as of now. But the producers will soon be releasing the 6th season for fans across the world.

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