PUBG 2.2 Update APK Download, Release Date, Features, Link

Get the PUBG 2.2 Update APK Download, Release Date, Features, and Link from the essential details shared in this article. There is great news for PUBG lovers they can get the PUBG 2.2 Update APK Download from here.

PUBG 2.2 Update

Another amazing news from the PUBG developers has arrived! The players who were experiencing the previous version will now be going to get a thrilling experience from PUBG 2.2. The payers have to first download the APK file and install it to access the game. Advanced weapons and attractive costumes will make you play the game more than the usual hours that you spend currently!

NINIndia PUBG 2.2 Update APK Download

The players must have the required space in their mobile devices to install the newer version. 681 MB is for Android users and 1.91 GB for iOS users. You can remove the extra space from other unused apps or cache memory to make a storage space for the update!

PUBG 2.2 Update APK Download

Finally! APK Download has been released for the huge fans of PUBG. The update is available on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively! 13/09/2022 and 20/09/2022 are the official release dates of the game, thus, the players can get it at the earliest online. The update was released at 11:00 am in the morning of 13th September 2022 which had crowded the leading website with several gamers to download the update.

PUBG 2.2 Rewards

The players who will download the update will receive these awards –

  • 3,000 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Night Helmet

These rewards are made available for the players if they update the game by September 20th.

PUBG 2.2 Features

The developer of PUBG is Krafton, a company that has spent several years in making exclusive games for players worldwide! For the PUBG 2.2, the developers had built several engaging features some of which we have discussed below.

Nusa Map

A 1×1 map is designed to be used by the players to play for Battle Royale Games. There will be advanced weapons such as NS2000 and Tactical Crossbow in the Nusa Map. In addition to it, exclusive mechanics is added to the game. It includes Zipline, Elevator, etc. These are the original art of the creators which will be surely liked and loved by the players.

Nusa Map PUBG 2.2

Firearm Balancing

  • AUG: The players can enhance their shooting speed
  • MK14: This will help the players in managing the weapon damage at any stage of the game
  • SKS: This will improve the recovery speed for the game
  • Mini14: This will enhance the torso damage in the game

Changes to Erangel

The most-liked Erangel map has included many amazing concepts like modifications in the “Bicycle Shed” and the “Hospital”.

  • New Ports: One is located in the southwest of the military base and another one is south of Farm. These ports are available on Sosnovka.
  • Other than these, you will find a new mechanic, the Flash Shop, a new system, the Gas Station, and targeted supply crates.

PUBG 2.2 APK Download

Tencent Mobile International Limited has uploaded the update on the App Store for the players and similarly for Android users. The best part about the update is that the maps are enhanced which had attracted several gamers. The official link to the APK download is where you can sign up/sign in to get the APK file.

You can also follow the steps as provided in the upcoming section.  It is recommended that players play it on Tablet for a better view of the visuals. They can be comfortable in any mobile device, we are simply giving a suggestion here.

Steps to Download PUBG 2.2 APK File

If you are baffled to find the relevant link to the PUBG 2.2 Update APK then follow the procedure as shared below.

Step 1 Go to the main website of PUBG

Step 2 Now, on the home page, you will see a section “Patch Notes”

Step 3 Click on PUBG 2.2 Update APK Download

Step 4 The APK file will be downloaded in your device

Step 5 Install it

Step 6 Now, go to the google play store or the app store to download the game

After downloading and installing the game, you can access it conveniently in your mobile device. The gamers have to visit the leading portal of PUBG to get the link. Referring to another unofficial portal might be risky for you as it can steal your crucial data.

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