PGCIL Result 2023,Diploma Trainee Cut off marks, Merit list

PGCIL Result 2023, Diploma Trainee Cut off marks, Merit list

Get Updated On PGCIL Result 2023, Diploma Trainee Cut off marks and Merit list from this article

PGCIL Result 2023

PGCIL is known as the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited. On its Official Website, the results are going to be declared very soon.

PGCIL Result

To know how to check the Result, You are required to read the article below.

PGCIL Result Minimum Marks 2023

The PGCIL has released an official notification regarding the minimum marks to be fulfilled by the candidate. If a candidate secures the minimum marks criteria that the examination committee has set to qualify for the examination, then they are eligible for the further round. To know the minimum marks criteria, you are required to read below-

PGCIL Result Minimum Marks

General Candidate –

This category of candidates must achieve at least 40% marks in the aggregate and 30% in individual parts ( Part I and Part II).

EWS Candidate-

This category of candidates must achieve at least 40% marks in the aggregate and 30% in individual parts ( Part I and Part II).

Reserved category of candidates-

This category of candidates has to satisfy a minimum of 30% marks in aggregate and has to achieve a minimum of 25% in the individual’s parts ( Part I and Part II)

How to Calculate the Marks Of PGCIL?

There are specific steps that need to be followed to calculate the Marks. The process to calculate the marks is explained in an easy way below –

First of all, a candidate should know that there is a total number of  170 questions, and these questions are going to be divided into two ways. The first part of the Question paper will consist of a technical knowledge section, which will have 120 questions, and the second part of the question paper will be of the Aptitude section, and which will have 50 questions. There will be all Multiple Choice Questions in the Question Paper.

How to calculate Marks of PGCIL

Now after understanding the Question paper, let us now understand how the examination committee is going to give marks to the candidate who is explained below –

  • On every Correct answer the Candidate gives, they will be given one mark.
  • On every wrong Answer, there will one-fourth (25%) will going to be deducted from the Total marks of the Candidate.

Here it is explained with an Example-

Mr X. has appeared for the PGCIL exam, and he has attended 150 questions, out of which 40 questions are incorrect. Due to lack of time, he can not be able to answer the 20 Questions. Calculate the total marks of Mr X.
Mr X has appeared 110 questions correctly. So he will get one mark for every correct answer, i.e. 110 marks
Now, He has also given Incorrect Answers in the Examination ( 40 questions) = 40*0.25=10 Marks

So, Mr X has scored total marks in the Examination = 110-10 = 100 Marks.

PGCIL Result Diploma Trainee Cut-off Marks 2023

The PGCIL diploma will be released for the -Tier examination. The candidates who satisfy or reach the cut-off marks of that particular year will be eligible for the Interview round.

PGCIL Expected Cut-Off Marks

The Expected cut-off marks of the PGCIL diploma of 2023 are shown below in table-

S.No. Particulars General candidate PWD


1. Diploma Trainee
131 98.50 80.05 115.75 127.50 130.25
2. Diploma Trainee
111.50 109.25 109.25


PGCIL Result Factors Affecting the Cut-Off Marks

The factors that affect the Cut-Off Marks of the Candidate are explained below-

Number of Candidates-
The more candidates more will be the Cut-off Marks, and Vice Versa. The reason behind the Statement is that if there are a large number of a candidate taking participating in the examination, then there will be more competition between the candidates, which will lead to high Cut-Off Marks.

Reservation Candidates-
If more candidates belonging to the reserved category, then it will lead to affect the Cut-off Marks (Merit List)

Level of Question paper-

If the level of the Question is difficult, then it will decrease the marks of Cut-Off Marks and Vice Versa.

Number of Vacancies-

If the number of vacancies is more, then the cut-off marks will be high, and Vice Versa.

PGCIL Result Merit list

On the basis of the Cut-off Marks, the merit list will be prepared by the Examination Committee. Now after the declaration of the Merit List, there are eligible for the position of the PGCIL.

How to Check the Result of the PGCIL?

Specific steps that need to be followed to check the result of the PGCIL are explained below-

How to Check The Result Of PGCIL

STEP 1- You need to Visit the Official Website of the PGCIL

STEP 2- On its homepage, You need to go to the Career Section

STEP 3- Now to check, see the Pdf and Download the Pdf

STEP 4- Now You need to check the result by the application details (Roll Number)

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