Mesut Ozil Net Worth, Biography, Retirement, Family, Age, Height

Get to know the important information on Mesut Ozil Net Worth, Biography, Retirement, Family, Age, and Height

Mesut Ozil belongs to the Islam religion that he follows promptly. Besides his holistic approach to religion, he believes in hard work, and patriotism and is a supreme quality, football player. If you are also excited to know more about the player then you must read this entire article!

Mesut Ozil Net Worth

Mesut Ozil is a Footballer as an attacking player. He has become a Champion in the Football game because of his technical skills, vision, creativity, and passing skills. Today, we will be discussing about his Net Worth, achievements, family, retirement and more details.

Mesut Ozil Net Worth

Mesut Ozil Net Worth is 24$ Million. His early life as an adult was quite challenging. He has to do odd jobs to make money so that his family can have food regularly. Let us know more crucial details of the player from this article.

Mesut Ozil Biography

Talented, young, calm and energetic players have a huge fan following. People love the fact that despite being successful and having everything he is a down-to-earth person. Ozil was not that much lucky in terms of Finances. He had started earning in his childhood to financially support the family. After so many challenges, Mesut Ozil did not give up and still tried to become a popular Footballer.

Mesut Ozil Achievements

The player has completed 81 goals in total. These are for different games and Championships. Here is a list of successes that Mesut has achieved during his playing years.

Year  Mesut Ozil Achievements 
2010 Best Young Player
2010-11 Copa del Rey
2011-12 La Liga title
2012-13 Won UEFA Champions League
2013-14, 2014-15, 2016-17 English FA Cup
2011 to 2016 Won the Title of German Footballer
2015-16 Arsenal Player of the Season
2015-16 Premier League Playmaker
2016-17 Premier League Playmaker
2020 to 2021 Turkish Super Lig Assist Leader

Mesut Ozil Retirement

Professionally, Mesut Ozil started his Football career in 2006. His significant performances in the game led him to win the Title of the Best Young Player. With back-to-back success, in 2014, he won the world cup for his country, Germany. It was a proud moment for him, his nation and his family.

Career Timeline of Mesut Ozil

He had to take a retirement due to the discrimination that the German association did to him. This is not acceptable as in modern times, a person’s ability to do something must be seen rather than the cast, creed, colour, physical appearance or religion.

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Mesut Ozil Family

The player has born and brought up in a Turkish family. He knows to speak German and Turkish both languages. This has been his advantage in his football career. He is a super fan of cars, so he has a wide collection of them.

These are total 3 siblings including Mesut who have spent their young life together. Mutlu Ozil is his elder brother who is also a mentor for him. He guides the player for dos and don’ts in a game. His family always acted as a backbone for him in every good or bad times.

Mesut Ozil Age

It becomes quite difficult for someone to achieve whatever they want if they do not have enough money. Mesut Ozil has wronged this fact as he showed that consistent effort in something can truly give you the desired results.

15th October 1988 is the date of birth of the player which means that he is 34 years old.

Mesut Ozil Height

6 Feet is the Height of the player which makes him perfect for playing the match. To meet his fitness requirements, the player keeps hitting the gym and follows a proper diet. Besides, being a good footballer, he is also a role model for many young generation people. They are fan of his amazing fitness level!


What is Mesut Ozil Net Worth?

24$ Million

What is Mesut Ozil Age?

34 years

What is Mesut Ozil Height?

6 Feet

What is the Nationality of Mesut Ozil?


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