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Know the Gautam Adani Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Height, and Career from the essential details which are shared in this article.

Gautam Shantilal Adani or Gautam Adani is an Indian Industrialist. Setting up an empire and maintaining that aura throughout is not an easy task to perform. But Gautam made it possible with his strong will to achieve big in his life.

Gautam belongs to a middle class family of Gujarat but he had already decided to become a great man in the future. Thus, he had started working harder for being a successful businessman. Let us know more on Gautam Adani Biography and other details.

Gautam Adani Biography

“Adani” a powerful name which we all have heard from the Electrical industry! To date, Adani has provided electricity to many states and cities. It is one of the best and most-used electricity supplier in the country.

Gautam Adani Biography

Owner of Adani is Mr Gautam Adani. Initially, he started his career by being a trader and has later expanded his business to give it new height.

Gautam Adani Net Worth

According to Forbes, the Net Worth of Gautam Adani is 12,420 crores USD (2023), $121 billion. He is the world’s second-richest man after Elon Musk. 

Gautam works on the philosophy of “Growth and Goodness”. Thus, he is seeking popularity, profit and fame being in the same industry for several years.

Gautam Adani Biography Age

24 June 1962 (age 60 years)

Gautam Adani Twitter Account

Gautam Adani Biography Height

Gautam’s gender is male and his height is 5′ 6”. Being a Gujju he is never behind of having pleasing snacks and food, thus, his height makes his overall appearance, perfect. His eyes and hair color is black which is the feature of a normal Gujarati individual.

Gautam Adani Education

The most important part of Gautam Adani Biography is knowing his education details. Most people want to make a successful career but do not have completed their basic education. Thus, we are sharing the required details here.

  • School: Sheth Chimanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya School, Ahmedabad, India
  • College: Gujarat University
  • Highest Qualification: Bachelor in Commerce

When Gautam was in the mid of his bachelor’s he realised that he can now handle the business aspects and thus, he is a dropout from 2nd year.

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Gautam Adani Biography Family

Family is the most important part in any individual’s life. The family members help and support each other in the ups and downs which are faced in life. The same is the case with Gautam Adani. HIs cousins and other family members were always there with him in any occupation that he chose to do.

Gautam is blessed with Shantilal Adani (father) and Shantaben (mother) as his parents. They have always been a backbone for him in whatever goals he had planned in his career. He is one sibling, Vinod Adani as his brother.

Gautam Adani’s marital status is married. Gautam is married to Priti Adani and have 2 sons (Karan and Jeet Adani).

Let us have an overview of Gautam Adani Biography :

Gautam Adani Biography Overview
Name Gautam, Gautam Shantilal Adani, Gautam Adani
Occupation Businessman
Net Worth $121 billion
Age 60
Family Shantilal Adani (father) and Shantaben (mother)
Hometown Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Religion Jain

Gautam Adani Career

Adani Group is the 3rd Largest conglomerate in the World who has occupied the multi-national industries within a few years of hard work. His dedication made him:

  • Chairman and Founder: Adani Group
  • President: Adani Foundation

You should not stop by his career till here as there are a lot many things to know about him.

Achievements by Adani Group (2022)

Adani Tweet

Adani Tweet

Adani Tweet

He started his career since 1981 when he used to manage operations in his brother’s business. He got inspired from the PVC work and opened up Adani Exports in 1985. After investing  US$70 billion in a new green energy business, he built 3 giant factories in 2021. Later in 2022, he became the world’s 3rd richest person.  With his amazing work, he is the most-liked businessman for the digital media. Most media channels want to interview him to know about his early life, career and achievements.

Latest in Adani’s Career: As recorded in August 29, 2022 Adani Group has owned a market capitalization of $242.73 billion in various industrial sectors. These include Mining & Resources, Energy, Airports, Gas, Defence/Aerospace, and more.

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