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Other than Where’s My Refund? tool of Internal Revenue Service,‌ there is a tool in each State of the United States to check return status. Whether you belong to any 50 States of US, if you have filed for 2022 State Tax Refund then you can track your e-filing status just with the help of your Social Security Number and a few other required details.

Where’s My State Tax Refund

Millions of taxpayers are residing across the territory of United States, Internal Revenue Service has already started sending refund for e-filers via Direct Deposit and Check, if you have also filed for State tax refund and not yet received then you must know that if you return is accepted then within 3 to 4 weeks you receive get your 2022 tax refund.

The Department of Taxation and Finance or Revenue of each State of the US has launched a web-based portal named WHERE’S MY STATE TAX REFUND by using which an individual can find out the expected date to get a refund provided he/she has required credentials. Checking 2022 state tax return status is similar to tracking federal refund.

No matter which US state you belong to, if you have electronically filed for a tax refund, you will receive it via direct deposit in no more than 3 weeks, if you have opted for a check to receive your refund, in this case it may take up to 4 weeks or more to receive your return. Stay tuned to know all about the state tax return.

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State Tax Refund Date 

The tax return filing deadline differs from state to state in the US, the tax refund filing process has begun in all states from January 2023, and those who initially filed electronically for refunds will receive their refunds faster than filing on paper. Most people who filed for their refund electronically in January 2023 and opted for direct deposit to receive it have taken a maximum of 3 weeks to receive their refund.

Let us tell you that there are two ways to file a refund, the first option is to file it electronically and the second is on paper, if you e-file, then in such a situation it will take you more than 4 weeks to receive the returns, in some cases you will get your refund within 20 days. 

If you file a state tax refund on Paper, then in such a situation it will take six to eight weeks to be accepted and the return will be issued through direct deposit or check after taking more than 3 months. If you e-file for 2022 State tax refund on the 1st day of a month and opted to get a return through Direct Deposit,‌ then you will receive it by 21st of the same month.

Where's My State Tax Refund

How to check the State Tax Refund Status?

If you want to check the status of your state tax refund e-filing, then first of all you need to know that it is mandatory to have the required credentials such as Social Security Number and Adjusted Gross Income details. 

  • Go to the official website of The Department of Taxation and Finance or Revenue of your State.
  • Find an option of 2022 State Tax and click on it to get redirected to another webpage.
  • Post tapping on the above mentioned option you will have an option of the State Tax Refund, tap on it.
  • Now, you have to provide your Social Security Number, Number Of Mailing Address, ZIP Code, Refund Amount & AGI and hit on the Check Your Refund button.

After checking the State Tax Refund Status, if you come to know that your Tax Return has been accepted, then you do not need to worry, you will get it by the estimated date.

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