Balagam OTT Release Date & Platform, Rights, Box Office Collection


Get to know the essential details of Balagam OTT Release Date & Platform, Rights, and Box Office Collection

There are several South Indian films that have been released to date. Many of them had impressed the audience by action, comedy, drama or other genres. One such movie is of Priyadarshi that has currently been released in Cinemas. The fans are eager to know the Balagam OTT Release Date to watch it at anytime and anywhere.

Balagam OTT Release Date & Platform

Balagam is released in the Telugu language. The genre is comedy-drama. The film is directed by Venu Yeldandi and is based on a Village of the Telangana state. Balagam movie will soon be released in the Cinemas on 3rd March 2023. To know more about Balagam OTT Release Date continue reading the article.

Balagam OTT Release Date

The query of the viewers is coming over regarding the over-the-top platform as well. They are willing to know the details of the Balagam OTT Platform so that they can watch the film conveniently at their personal spaces.

Balagam Cast

Harshit Reddy and Hansita have chosen the producers according to the specific requirements of the film.

  • Kavya
  • Jayaram
  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda
  • Racha Ravi
  • Roopa

These are some of the cast members of the film.

Balagam OTT Rights

OTT Rights has taken before the film gets released in the theatres. It helps the audience to know about the platforms on which they can later watch the movie and other significant details. Amazon Prime Video has already taken the Digital Rights for the movie. The budget is however is not released for Prime Video. Moreover, there is no updated information on the OTT Rights. The movie can also come on Netflix, Sony LIV or any other OTT platform.

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Balagam Storyline

Before telling you the Balagam OTT Release Date, we will like to describe the story of the movie. We are not sharing the entire story otherwise you will lose interest in watching the film. The story is based on a Love Story of two couples. Both of their families were ready for their marriage. Eventually, an uncertain situation occurs at their home. The Grandfather of Sudhakar Reddy dies. This creates a stressful environment for all as the family was already in debt. The family thought that the dowry from the Sailu (Priyadarshi) marriage will be going to pay the debts. Little did they know that the dowry thing never happened. This led to more pressure on the family to pay the loans. The struggle for the family in paying the debts and to marry the couples completes the entire story of Balagam.

Balagam Box Office Collection

Bheem Ceciroleo has given the music to the movie which has already become a centre of attraction for the viewers. 2.5 Crores is the overall budget of the film. It is expected that the movie will be going to receive good revenue after the maximum number of people will see it. Also, release on the over-the-top platform will also be beneficial. 3.5 Crores is the amount that the movie has got within 2 weeks. It is assumed that sooner the producers will be going to reach the target.

Balagam Reviews

1.33 minutes is the running time of the film. When the public saw the Trailer on youtube on 27th February 2023. They were waiting for the movie to get released. Now that the film is released the wait is for the over-the-top platform. Such platforms make it easier for the public to watch movie on the go. Priyadarshi Pulikonda is the star cast of the film. The actor had previously done many comedian roles in South Indian films. The fans have been waiting for a longer duration of time to watch the actor’s another film. To date, people are talking positively on the Balagam movie. Let’s see after the release on the OTT Platform.


What is the Balagam OTT Release Date?

25th March 2023 (Expected)

What is the Balagam OTT Platform?

Amazon Prime Video (Predicted)

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